Simple and Efficient Editing

  • Supplement process instructions with pictures, video and support files
  • Empower frontline users to create and maintain content
  • Reuse existing process documentation

Global Communication and Support

  • Develop instruction sets in multiple languages
  • Share the same process — in real time, around the world

Built-in Revision Control

  • Track and manage process changes for regulatory compliance: ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley and FDA


Interactive Process Control

  • Require users to interact with live processes to accomplish tasks
  • Provide audit trail for accountability

Continual Improvement

  • Collect and share action-based solutions for problems during process
  • Track task time to identify inefficiencies
  • Resolve process issues quickly and efficiently


Process Publishing

  • Push-button deployment ensures end users receive current information
  • Transfer product from prototype to production seamlessly
  • Eliminate paper distribution — reduce time and cost

Secure Database Sharing

  • Share database worldwide — across jobsites, divisions and locations
  • Protect process information via passwords and encrypted files
  • Replicate best practices for quality and consistency


Management Tools

  • Manage progress of multiple processes in real time
  • Monitor completion of key steps in a task

Report, Evaluate and Improve

  • Easily generate process report with Crystal Report Wizard™
  • Identify and address systemic issues with Corrective Action ticketing system
  • Quickly integrate process updates into production

Do you know which part takes the longest time to build on your shop floor? Do you know which steps of that process are taking the longest time?